Best Beginnings Preschool -                       ~From small beginnings come great things~
Open enrollment for Fall 2020!  Limited spots!
Welcome to Best Beginnings!

Thank you for your interest in this program for your child.
Best Beginnings is an in-home preschool in Billings, MT designed to engage each young student through his or her own learning style. Our program works both in groups and one-on-one to ensure that your child reaches his or her full potential in the early learning journey.

I provide a hands-on learning approach that will be specifically tailored to meet your child's needs, in a safe and happy environment.  I believe it is very important that each child learns the necessities before going to kindergarten, I also feel that learning needs to be fun!
I want all in my program to be excited school and to experience the best beginning they can!

Some fun things your child will look forward to:
  • Monthly themes
  • Letter and Number activities
  • Writing
  • Spanish
  • Counting
  • Singing
  • Show-n-tell
Just to name a few. . . click here to learn more about the curriculum!

Contact me today!
Mandi Allen
406-259-0099 or 406-672-5983
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